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Locke & Key: Limited Edition Reali Key

Image of Locke & Key: Limited Edition Reali Key


Get a glimpse of the men behind the curtain.

The Reali Key is straight out of the pages of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's amazing "Locke & Key" published by IDW. This officially licensed replica measures approx. 3.2-inches long.

Cast in bright silver and gold-plated white metal with black enamel accents, this very limited edition key is hand-numbered, packed in a printed black velvet bag.

The Reali Key was discovered by little Bode Locke, who then drew it in the "Guide to the Known Keys." Grab this funky little beauty while you can!

Designed by Gabriel Rodriguez. Sculpted by Arlen Pelletier.

Made in China

Not guaranteed to actually get you access to Joe and Gabe. You'll just have to trust us: They're really great guys.

Sold Out