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Harrow County: Haint, Priscilla, Witchy Friends, Welcome Sign & Tattered Skin!


Welcome to the County.

This five-pack of limited edition soft enamel pins are straight out of Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook's amazing "Harrow County," published by Dark Horse Entertainment. These officially licensed pins range from approx. 1.2-inches tall (Haint, Witchy Friends, Welcome Sign) to 1.5-inches tall (Tattered Skin, Priscilla).

Each of the Limited Edition Witchy Friends, Welcome to Harrow County, Tattered Skin, Priscilla and Haint are on a custom backboard featuring the Harrow County logo. Each also has two pinbacks with rubber stoppers so you can keep your awesome on straight.

Made in China.

Not guaranteed to keep your haints happy.