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Locke & Key: Limited Enamel Pin Series II — Gender, Moon, Owl & Animal keys!


Locke down your lapel.

The Limited Edition Gender, Moon, Owl and Animal soft enamel pins are diminutive versions of the iconic keys featured in the pages of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's amazing "Locke & Key" published by IDW.

These striking, officially licensed pins measure from approx. 1.8-inches long (Animal Key pin) to 1.4-inches (Gender Key pin).

Each pin is featured on a backboard reminiscent of the original cover it starred in. Each also has two rubber-clutched pinbacks to keep it solidly in place — there's no suddenly finding your Moon Key upside down.

These debuted at the IDW booth during the 2017 New York Comic Con and we're psyched to be able to offer them as a complete set online in very limited numbers.

We don't expect them to last long, so if you want them, don't hesitate!

Made in China. Prototypes shown.

Not guaranteed to announce to locke down your flare competition. But will.