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Head Lopper: Limited Edition Agatha plush! ONLY 6 LEFT!


The sassiest severed head around.

The Limited Edition Agatha plush is straight from the red hot pages of Andrew MacLean's "Head Lopper," published by Image. This officially licensed collectible measures approx. 8-inches tall from the top of her head to her severed neck.

Use Agatha as the perfect accompaniment for your Norgal cosplay, a conversation starting centerpiece at your next dinner party ("Hey, have you seen my awesome witch head?") or your newest bedtime cuddle buddy — there's no judgement here.

This head is super hot and super limited with just 300 made, so grab her while the grabbing's good! But be gentle, please.

Made in China. Prototype shown.

Not guaranteed to not mock you behind your back. She's so like that.