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Mouse Guard: Gwendolyn's Pike-Axe

Image of Mouse Guard: Gwendolyn's Pike-Axe


Fit for a matriarch.

Gwendolyn's Pike-Axe is ripped from the pages of David Petersen's acclaimed "Mouse Guard," published by Archaia Entertainment. This officially licensed replica measures approx. 6.5-inches long.

Cast in antique silver-plated pewter, it's hand-numbered, one of 1,000, and packed in a supple brown debossed leather pouch. (It's not weasel skin, but it's close.)

The pike-axe contains some sharp edges. It's a collectible, not intended for children.

Sculpted by John Thompson. The staff is hand-crafted by Kurt Guilbeau.

Not guaranteed to take down traitors — but traitors should watch out, just the same.

Made in the USA