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CHEW: Secret Agent Poyo statue — FEWER THAN 10 LEFT!


Back from the dead and badass as ever.

Secret Agent Poyo is busting out of the pages of John Layman and Rob Guillory's popular "CHEW," published by Image. This officially licensed resin mini-bust measures approx. 4.75-inches tall.

He's sculpted by the talented Jamie Macfarlane in all his cybernetic parts-glory and bursting out a crate covered with Rob Guillory-isms like "Danger! Murderous bird inside!" and "PANIC NOW."

Each limited edition Secret Agent Poyo box is hand-numbered and limited to just 300.

So he's badass AND fleeting — grab him while you can! (Gently, of course.)

Made in China. Prototype shown.

The Secret Agent Poyo mini bust is not intended for children. For ages 14 and up.

Not guaranteed to be the most badass bird on your shelf. But who are we kidding? It's *%&$@ Secret Agent Poyo!?