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CHEW: Chogs to go! Sushi Ono takeout with 4 classic Chog enamel pins!


Dig in.

The limited edition Chogs to Go! soft enamel pin four-pack is straight from John Layman and Rob Guillory's amazing "CHEW," published by Image. These officially licensed pins measure approx. 1.1-inches tall.

Each carton of Sushi Ono comes packed with four Chogs in classic colors: Pink, Orange, Blue and Green. The carton itself is full of Rob-isms like, "Sushi Ono: Sushi so nice, you'll regret it twice!"

The pins have two pinbacks with rubber stoppers each so your Chog's never upside down, unless you want them to be. Chogs are like that.

Made in China. Prototypes shown.

Not guaranteed to taste like chicken. In fact, won't — they only look delicious.