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Vasilisa's Comb & Handkerchief - RETIRED


Be careful accepting gifts from little ghost girls.

Vasilisa's Comb & Handkerchief are from the pages of Mike Mignola's iconic "Hellboy," published by Dark Horse Entertainment. This officially licensed replica measures approx. 2.6-inches long.

Cast in antique silver-plated pewter with a blue satin handkerchief, it's carefully packed in an Artifact Archive inner and outer box with a hand numbered tag, one of 1,000.

Handkerchiefs are sewn in Maine by Material Instinques.

The Comb is shown with other Artifacts for scale only.

Sculpted by Jamie Macfarlane.

Not guaranteed to help put out fires or repopulate a forest — but don't drop them just the same.

Made in the USA

Sold Out