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Tom Ferrell's "Lucky" Bone - SOLD OUT



***Due to the very limited edition size, orders are limited to 2 per person during the pre-order window.***

Make it your lucky day.

Tom Ferrell's "Lucky" Bone is torn from the pages of Mike Mignola's iconic "Hellboy," published by Dark Horse Entertainment. This officially licensed replica measures approx. 3.75-inches long.

Cast in heat-cured resin, artfully aged and strung on a round leather cord, it's carefully packed in an Artifact Archive inner and outer box. Each piece includes a hand numbered tag, one of only 100, each signed by Skelton Crew Studio's art director and studio chief Israel Skelton.

Each bone is hand-finished by Kurt Guilbeau.

Not guaranteed bring actual luck. That's what rabbit's feet are for.

Made in the USA

Sold Out