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Red Cthulhu plush - AWESOMENESS SALE!

Image of Red Cthulhu plush - AWESOMENESS SALE!

$20.00 - On Sale

He makes red look good.

The red plush Cthulhu is direct from the pages of the hit "C is for Cthulhu" board book by writer Jason Ciaramella and artist Greg Murphy, published by ComixTribe. This officially licensed replica measures approximately 11 inches from head to toe.

This summer the studio worked with our good friends at ComixTribe to make this Cthulhu plush for their amazingly successful Kickstarter project.

We have a very limited number of them in stock and now it's time to spread that creepy cute around a little more.

Made in China.

Not guaranteed to make other Lovecraft fans jealous. But it probably will.