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Head Lopper: Limited Edition Norgal Vinyl Bog Blue Variant! PRE-ORDER - SOLD OUT



Large and in charge. And blue.

The hyper-limited Norgal vinyl Bog Blue variant is straight from the red hot pages of Andrew MacLean's "Head Lopper," published by Image. This officially licensed collectible measures approx. 9-inches tall.

Norgal's articulated at the shoulders and wrists for fist-pumping poseability and comes packaged in a full-graphic box.

The Bog Blue variant is ONLY available for the month of June. After July 2, the run is set and he's riding off into the Viking sunset.

Grab him while you can!

Norgal is a collectible, not intended for children. For ages 15 and up.

Made in China. Prototype shown.

Not guaranteed to lop the heads off your other toys. But probably will.

Sold Out