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CHEW: Blind Box Mini Vinyl Chog Series II - SOLD OUT!


It's a fricken mystery! Times two!

The second series of our limited edition blind box mini vinyl Chogs is straight from the warped minds at Skelton Crew Studio and John Layman and Rob Guillory's popular "CHEW," published by Image. These officially licensed replica measures approx. 2.25-inches tall.

The minis come in seven colors: Trailer Hitch Chrome, BeelzeChog, Flocked Up, Double-0 Chog (Tuxedo), Grape, RoboChog and a seventh mystery color.

The Chrome and Flocked are hyper-limited at 1:10, the others 1:6.

Which bite will you get?

The first set of seven Chogs in our Mystery Meat blind box vinyl line sold out in June 2016. That run had 1,500. The run size for Series II was only 1,000, so grab them while they're fricken here and hot!

Sculpted by Jamie Macfarlane.

The minis are a collectible, not intended for children. For ages 15 and up.

Made in China. Prototypes shown.

Not guaranteed to taste like vinyl. Probably do.

Sold Out